The International Court For Dispute Resolution - Model Laws Drafting Committee INCODIR MLDC

As a part of our belief in the role of the international ADR institutes in the drafting and issuing of the international Model laws, and in order to have a list of experts in the field of drafting of such international model laws to be ready to join any international working party that drafts such model laws, we the presidents of the Forums (Fora) of the International Court for Dispute Resolution (INCODIR) forming this committee.

1. The International Court for Dispute Resolution's Model Laws Drafting Committee (INCODIR MLDC) shall act as a Permanent Committee for Drafters of international model laws, its members shall be appointed in the Model Laws Working Parties that INCODIR form to draft Model Laws.

2. Membership of INCODIR MLDC is open to all INCODIR ADR Experts and Adjudicators, and the presidents of the INCODIR Forums shall have the exclusive authority, within their forums, to review and accept applications to join INCODIR MLDC.

3. INCODIR MLDC shall be presided by the President of INCODIR and all the Presidents of INCODIR Forums shall be named Vice-Presidents of the INCODIR MLDC.

4. Only the President and the Vice-Presidents of INCODIR MLDC Can :

a. Advertise for the INCODIR MLDC in the way they sees appropriate.
b. Speak in the name of the INCODIR MLDC in their region.

5. All appointments of the Members of INCODIR MLDC in a Model law drafting Working party shall be made in the name of the Court by either the President or Vice-President of INCODIR MLDC.

6. The provisions of this Constitution may only be amended with the mutual consent of all of the Presidents of INCODIR Forums.